Classes for Real Estate Investment Training
A good underlying education in real estate is important for anyone interested in real estate investment. Too many would-be investors start investing without an understanding of the basics and they rely on others, such as a real estate broker, friend, or relative, who may or may not have a good understanding of the market.

Look to Higher Education Facilities for Help

  • Universities, community colleges, and junior colleges all offer college-level real estate courses, and beginning with a few 101 classes could be a good start for you. You are not going to get the type of basic information to help you form a good foundation from the latest get-rich-quick real estate investment book or course. Start with fundamental classes and follow up with advanced classes. The University of Phoenix, for example, offers a course on real estate investment (typically as part of its Bachelor of Science in Business program with a concentration in finance).

Enroll in a Real Estate Training School

  • Consider enrolling in a real estate training school and take the same courses real estate brokers complete to get their license. Even if you chose not to take the state test to earn your broker’s license, you will gain a complete understanding of a broad range of real estate issues. Every aspect of a course of this nature will serve you as an investor. Most major cities have schools. Seek out or Kaplan Professional Schools.

Commercial Courses on Book and CD

  • Robert Kiyosaki has build an empire around his “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” book and subsequent branded products focused on real estate investment. Donald Trump has an on-line real estate school. A search of the Internet will produce dozens of gurus pitching various aspects of real estate investment. The Real Estate Investment Club ( website offers a wide variety of courses from multiple authors on many topics. A good formal education is still the best place to start.

Reviewing and Rating the Real Estate Gurus

  • John T. Reed has created an interesting website dedicated to critiquing real estate investment gurus. Mr. Reed holds no punches. He tells it as he sees it, and though you may not agree with him, at least he provides strong opinions on a number of real estate investment gurus and the books and courses. At the very least, he may save you from wasting money on a weak offering.